Sunday, August 14, 2011

RRRodarte x OC and a surprise!

Rodarte and Opening ceremony have collaborated! For a second time. (it's raining and thundering at this hour, kind of cool)
I am not on target with some fashion things but this was brought to my attention and with money in my pocket i'm kind of willing to put my hand in my pocket and get some!

Goddamnit I'm really loving this dress! The way the fabric just flows makes me want to walk to class in it. Shit! Couple more weeks till i'm in the city, running toward buses. OR holding on to strangers so I don't fall on the subway floor! Mehh.  Last time i went into the city a woman shoved me out of the way till my feet were literally off the floor and crushing others.
My mom just got back from going out with my dad and theirs friend and i started showing her this collection  where she started comparing it to Grecian then i said Edwardian and then she said "it reminds me of Isadora Duncan."
One Google search away and I was stunned. 
This woman apparently created modern dance, she did her own thing to say the least and her movements as my mom put them "were not easy to replicate." 

and on a side note I also love this one!

You were once wild here. Don't let them tame you.
Isadora Duncan 
just a woman ahead of her time. 

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