Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just a thought +photo

              I was just watching Beyonce's "Year of 4" documentary and at the end she says "concentrate on what i want to say to the world." It got me thinking does an artist really need to say something to the world. DO I have to say something to you? I just do it because I love it with a heart that pounds with bliss forcing this in the moment sensation. The messages and the hidden hints to it are made up right? I think i was going somewhere but now i'm not so sure...I feel like the messages are born after years of just "doing" your art but then the moment comes when you look over your work and realize that a message is there.
            I certainly have things that i feel need to be said. When i was little like 10-13 I wanted to show the world issues in my sculptures. That obviously fell flat on it's ass, but i still want to do that sometimes. Right now i'm in this weird conflict of wanting to do characters in scenes OR do people and/or animals with a twist to them like a bent arm over hanging a square or a three eyed doe(a work in progress at the moment) just something to flush out these pure forms of art i did as a kid but never pursued because it was too abstract. I had the most fun when there was no structure to the things i did, it was just the person/animal, it's obscene deformity and I. on a side note.
heres a photo from my visit to the City for two days. This is at the Met near an elevator that goes to the roof or if it's easier near a lunch area. this one sort of embodies my feelings.

  P.S. Saw Alexander McQueens exhibit! YOU need to see it!

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