Sunday, October 23, 2011

Le Loup Garou roooooo! and backless

Found this awesome site called Le Loup-Garou, means werewolf in french. So the rooo was needed.

The photography of the clothes is beautiful or maybe i'm a sucker for lighting either way i want this shirt. 

Besides that I've been having this obsession with white and black( i guess gray too, i'm a lover for gray!), with orange/tan colors. Also backless dresses! Not that i've never really pursued but once things go on sale i will! Or i just need to finally go to these recommended thrift stores. :)


Coat, Asos. T dress AllSaints archive. Snakeskin dress, Need Supply
 both dresses are backless.
for some reason my link thing isn't working, but if you need the link just comment. :)

Now i must find some grunge clothes and shoess....

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