Friday, April 29, 2011

Well it's been Decided

Artists Blincoe and Feuerman and Beth Cavener Stitcher
I'm going to School of Visual Arts! How excited, exhilarating, and terrifying! I'm not one for navigating streets cause i don't really know how, more visual in the sense of "oh hey there's that pizza place i love," or "i know where i am now! that green paint has never been removed from the corner of this building." Visual for sure! So, yeah going to be studying fine arts but more specifically sculpture. Which i wish i could show some of my updated sculpts to you guys! Computers down, meaning works in progresss(w.i.p.) and SOFA pictures or not going to be present till whenever this gets done! I met a boy who was part Columbian and German at the SVA tour, but wow! Such a weird combination!  I hope i can meet more people like that when i'm off to college.

              -One more thing the reason for sticking Beth's piece is  i just love the weighted feeling from the reindeer(?) it just feels like it'd be hard to breath, and the spine would move in an awkward way or be put on pressure. I find it thrilling.

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