Friday, April 29, 2011

5inches, SHORTER, and up

Hair... Yeah, it feels good to have this now, a month ago it was a torture in the freezing tempurtures, no hat could hide my neck like my hair use to do. Scarves work but at times I forget.

Also i going through 5 inches and Up blog run by Sandra and my god! What inspiration! 


view the other 5 entries or so it's got such a ...i don't even know it's got a good vibe that i'm loving. I'm a gushing kid when i see ancient-esque jewelery, when i was kid well even now I love gypsies! Their many jewels and small details were part of  the reason for me being into little details and adding such things as earrings, necklaces. I've yet to make a gypsy sculpture but I feel I'm waiting for something. Or not? I've got ideas that need to be finished so this can be held off for awhile.

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