Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Got into a college!! Horrah!+photo insp.

California college of the arts to be exact! not sure if i'll go there, i'm still waiting on MICA, SVA, and SCAD. But still i'm freakin' excited!!! I heard on sunday by EMAIL!? isn't that crazy? Most definitely. anywa here's a mini update and some photos.

I have short hair now, it's not like the women featured but it's short either way, it's not a hair style I've ever really had, but after graduation I plan on dyeing my hair blond, almost pale white, then a strawberry blond later in the summer. Maybe shorter hair too. Who knows i'm just glad i got into a college!
                                            (http://www.hanneli.com/, marieclaire january, sartorialist)

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