Friday, August 6, 2010

Loves Today

I'm back from an art camp that lasted a whole month! I miss it but once this sleep deprivation stops I'll get back on it or maybe i'll use it as inspiration...hmm I've got so many ideas it's madness. "I try to run but I'm not that fast" Kid Cudi day and night. Seemed to fit.

 top to bottom:Jak&Jil Blog on Lanvin Menswear, Style with Isabelle editorial on layers,

When fall/winter arrives I want a lush soft white sweater with bear claws that can hang from my neck or my H&M feather earrings, that might be too much. We'll see depending on the style of this future sweater.

The last photo had this haunting yet intimate feel to it, just the position of the body and the calm hair  gave off this feral feel. Its something I love seeing in my own hair; a sheen that's smooth, wavy and a small amount of frizz. Also when my tips are thin and gradually get bigger(not too big! eeck) is something I love!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! And Art camp sounds fun :D
    Panda xx
    Oh, thanks for the sweet comment, Plus, i've posted the results from my tv audition...