Thursday, July 15, 2010

IT'S offical

I'm going to get a mohawk, don't care if i'm not the type for working a mohawk
i feel like being different is the thing to be right now in my life.
Now: the moment that lasts a second and keeps striding through the rest.
Confidence is all i need to embrace such a bold change in me.
I'm not edgy but i'm tired of looking like the quiet nice girl.
I want things to be loud without the use of words.
Art is like that, it etches out your own self being without your own self realization
It's the long lines of a gesture drawing that shares your clarity, it's beautiful and simple.
So why not stand out?
different is better,  
" but i feel alive and i feel it in me
up and up i keep on climbing
higher and higher and higher

oh have you ever felt so goddamn strong
how come it takes some people so damn long"

passion pit-little secrets 

PS: why does it?

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