Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's the outfit

Imagine your walking down the stairs to a carpeted basement, you turn left but your focus is on one thing! I need some books on anatomy(I love it so much) your eyes avoid the tv and couches. Averting your attention to the left you notice the art area light is on. When you look down you see this...

My lovely sister has a craze for rainbows because after having to wear glasses she misses seeing through clear eyes. So when she puts on her big girl pants and her sleek glasses she enjoys it so much that a person who doesn't have to wear glasses, can't appreciate the awesomeness of clear vision. It's her work in progress but I figured this was like capturing a moment that left me speechless and begging to be photograph from the angle I saw it from.
I can't wait for her to wear this cooky thing. :)

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