Thursday, February 4, 2010

Portraits of painted people

top- bottom: Symphony in White by James Abbott,  another painting by James Abbottt, La Marchesa Luisa by Giovanni Boldini (google search him), and my favorite Ellen Day Hale's painting doesn't it just exude attitude and the second picture?? First photo makes me imagine a forest* with a girl staring at you as she is on the ground. her dress is torn slightly** but a fear creeps in her eyes as you the viewer imagines the worst. but It's only wolves silly.... 
In my drawing class we had to chose a famous painting, I chose the bottom, but it also brought me to these fabulous paintings. Were tracing the painting in order to use as a helper for our shading skills, not our drawing skills. mawr

photo taken by me with my canon EOS 30D

*especially with the wrinkles in the curtains, trees are just begging to be imagined!

**Sculpture ideas anyone!?...or a drawing -_-


  1. I love the first painting, it's beautiful

  2. Yeah I love it too! Makes me want to get a cotton dress on for spring!