Sunday, March 7, 2010

lets go watch who's. got the. POWER.

lyrics by The Go! Team =D

Late post but I've neglected this blog to long! Each day I think "ooo I'll post that idea" or I think of so many things I could post but I just never do.
This little post will be of clothes, that I quite frankly want but some are well too expensive, money comes POWER, riiiggghhhhttt?? I lose that game, but onwards!!

Makes me want to bust some chops?

Next On our agenda studs...Cheap ones by the way found on Ebay from a emo/punk shop Aussie style!
Click for studs!  They are reliable if you look on the right hand side when you view a piece of theirs.
A lace body suit to go with a super cool sesame street crop tee(I'm looking through the site and seems there is none!)Go find on at some store and cut it, problem solved!
Crop tee($16.00)

A nice trouser would soften the blow to those who don't understand why you'd wear lace in public! Even I am blushing thinking about it!

Cooperative Chambray Trouser $54.00 

Looking at the ACNE S/S 2010 collections in September I fell in love with their armored jeans! 

"Jeans have polished plates on the thighs, knees and shins while jackets have plates on the shoulders and elbows providing protection to sensitive areas in case some wackjob comes wielding a broadsword down Fifth Ave or if you happen to topple over in your 4 inch heels. Our only question, how do you wash them?" DenimHunt

ALthough my only question is where can I buy these!!! would look badass with the rebel boots? No? 
oooo and paired with this shirt!!!?!?
You'd be the cape crusader modernized?!  With chunky jewelry to even out the armor shine
If you couldn't tell by now I'm a  white T-shirt gorgeous blue denim kind of girl!
OH and welcome to my mind, cause this is what goes on, I could probably keep going but it's late! Have a wonderful day! eee 2:57AM!! NIGHT NIGHT!!!


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