Friday, August 20, 2010

I saw HER! in the cityy

Lynn Yeager, I couldn't believe it i was star struck and scared to say hello since she was having lunch. I forgot her name of all things too! I didn't have a camera on hand but I feel comfortable saying I'm ok with that, privacy and knowing are good things.
I know I'm going to to be rambling on like a stalker but what she was was wearing was softer then what you see in photos of her. =D Oh i couldn't believe my eyes, I wish I said hello now that i look back she looked like a kind soul.
A little unrelated but when looking at FLorence+the Machines video "Dog days are over" I couldn't help but love the flow and dramatic dancing that went on. It reminded me of Kanye Wests video "Power" in the left area a woman's back bend back and her arms flow up it's in the 50seconds and beyond.

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