Tuesday, September 8, 2009

You art it poem by me.

On my Deviant art page my poem "You are it" has so far been loved(could be exaggerating) by all who read it. So here it is!

Your a scary shade of green
dappled in bloom.
Graced with ostriches that
float among the balloons.
Peeking up, aching down
on the legs scattered in brown.
Cracks texture your soft pink lips.
Leaping hip bones stick out
like hills. Pecks round like
mother hen's eggs. Towers of
your obliques entrust your stature.
Picket fences make up your bony back,
crawling fingers trace the simplest lines
a mind can't erase.
Poor English floods your head,
soot and gunk, as they say, meddle with your face.
Troublesome are the expressions you conjure up.
Tickles my heart pretty.
kisses render my heart secure in your arms.
Lovely little demons prance on the silver lining.
Will it fall? Will it break like scatter flakes? Nobody knows
except London bridge. Cross your sweet counted toes now.

What do you think of this?

I was reading Garance Dore's blog on the Sartorialist and to read it was like floating on a poets mind, to put it metaphorically. I felt embraced by this need to write or read beautifully written stories and poetry with big words put in the most gracious of ways. Read it, it's worth it even if you don't like the subject :)

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