Monday, September 7, 2009

cheap ass clothes, HandM Mag. and and

Who's got it figured out?
Play dumb
Play dead
Play straight
Who's got it figured out?
Play straight
Try to manipulate

Am I to
Am I late?
Am Ix4
Am I too late?

Treat me like your Mother By Dead Weather

You know it son!
Was on Look Book. Nu browsing since i don't have an account, i saw an ad for IndieSin I was amazed at how cheap their clothing is plus it looked like really good quality. Can't wait to get a job soon!
Should be doing other shit but ahhh oh well.
Anywho I was at the mall and decided to go to HandM with my Sis. I got some dirt cheap things since we only had 60 bucks to spare whereas you'd probably need like a $100+ in that damn store.
I wore a Blazer that was way to big for me, a shirt from,
and skinny dark jeans, with white converses that I bought a couple of days ago. (I love Labor Day weekend Sales) Anyways! I saw a HandM magazine at check out and asked the young lady how much it was. She said the best four letters ever created-since we were running out of money- FREE. I took it with great satisfaction glowing from my face. On the ride home I read most of the articles except maybe the Moscow what places to go too.
It was the last article that struck me senseless. To Adults young people are now the Trendsetters. In the article it said that this hasn't really happened. Kids usually wore what a twenty something or thirty something should wear, sad in my opinion. As I read I couldn't help but feel proud to be sixteen. Plus this season as I was reading from a different article in HandM mag. that the season is about individuality, although i think their slow in that aspect. Kids for years have probably been individuals at least the brave ones. It's exciting to see what themes they are doing like futuristic, "masculine meets feminine" outfits and others. with so much being made I'm wondering what will be in stores and what won't be as often. With that said Keep your hand me downs, and go to a thrift store. Make an awesome outfit with that stuff.

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