Monday, July 2, 2012

In the quiet times of my days at home I say I want to be an artist. I want to exhibit my work, I feel I have something say, I want to be recognized today. I wish to work as hard as Francesca Woodman who was always working. I think I've confused my love for stories and characters with my art. Then again I still feel they are relevant. I just want to chug down my art and run into the earth. I feel very much like Francesca in the sense that she and I never found our work good enough or i need to push myself further sort of attitude.

I've never liked my body and right now i increasingly hate it.


 At this moment my parents argue over my brother's girlfriend dragging him down (which she is) but my dad pulled such a poetic sentence he said that my brother was hiding from us when she would call by going outside. Now logically thats not it it's just that ppl don't want to heard when they are on a cellphone. I don't know

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