Thursday, May 10, 2012


I am back home. College was an experience that I'd rather not explain. My life's decisions are not set yet, and it's sort of hard on what to do with my sculptures. I really just want to live the artists life but it's like where the fuck do i start?  I really just want to go back to London, I was watching a video on Pelayo's blog otherwise known as KateLovesMe and the last 4 or 3 minutes inspired me. To just follow your heart and do it because you might regret it. Ever since I went to England when I was 13 the summer going into 8th grade, I have been missing it every summer. Now more than ever I miss it so much I could literally abandon my life for it. I don't know where I'd stay, it's not like I could work there legally. Not sure how'd i'd get a job with that retrain. I have some family in England, but nothing more. The only thing that stops me is not being able to get a job. Also I would give up my citizenship for England if it meant I could stay there...but I'm just living off my 13 year old mind, who knows what i'll think once i'm there.  Yet I still want to be there.

this is my hair now. It's odd and I'll be dying it back to blond soon.

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