Thursday, May 31, 2012

Daul Kim

I was on tumblr when I saw this beautiful Korean model on my feed, I clicked the source, and came across some messages, like "you will be missed Daul Kim. R.I.P." I was like "huh?!" So I wiki search her and it turns out that she was a famous model from 2007 to 2009 which was the yr she committed suicide. I couldn't really believe it but then I thought with the way the fashion industry treats it's models I'm not surprised by it. People always say something needs to be done but it doesn't seem like anything is happening. Although the scary part of this is she was one of nine other South Korean celebrity models to commit suicide. Then I got past the sadness and found it fascinating to have this idea of fashion in all it's glory and then to kill yourself, i don't have it fleshed out but theres just something there. Something to work with through my art. I'm still scared about suicide it's just not pretty, to deal with or know someone who's committed it. I shiver at this thought. I guess the shocking thing about this is I've seen Daul in the Chanel ad where this jewel type flower is in her mouth while she's all wet.

"say hi to forever"

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