Wednesday, January 18, 2012

These songs came one after another on my itunes and I Like them together, don't you! :)
Besides this I have a little love for Rooney Mara who is 5' 3" and I am an inch taller but she's skinner then me and after seeing that I've realized I have to lose weight. It'll be hard, I've done this before. Last year I lost almost 15 (14 to be exact) pounds, but after going away for a month in the summer I lost my engine to keep myself on track. and now I'm back to a weight I hate, but not the one I had a year ago when I started. I'm 6 pounds lighter, which I guess is the bright side to my motivation to lose weight. I CAN DO IT! No this will not be a "lose weight blog" it'll be what it is. My art/inspiration blog. If I inspire some on the way I'm ok with that. Now here's some photos of Rooney mara.
Source for first photo

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