Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Words sort of like poetry

There are some days where i feel out of sorts like the bridge-

Out of gaps swallowing my own beholding beings.
These are just words I spit from my subconscious,
wait I've held on too long I'm losing this thing inside.
I've lost it, this feeling that takes over whenever I want to feel alive.
I swore the day i felt it, I'd never lose it, but i have and life never felt so bleak.
Tears streamed down my cheeks filling in the cracks and it filled some more when it
met the floor. All I wanted was the burning sensation of life it fill my lungs
and keep my lips locked as my hands did the magic. All I wanted was to
have and to hold people who could express the aimless
feelings that would at any moment be focused and create this unimaginable thought. To express
my only desire in life, to create my only desire.
But when i stand on the rainy streets of this small town it's sucked out.
Out as though the lights inside were grants that last spark to only fade into
a blur. Of the dying who sit and wait, to those who think they are undying
i only wish up above the world so high i could gain what was mine and feel aLIVE.
God i need it.

Pardon the rambles it all means something, just combusted into one/this.

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