Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I've lost 8 pounds it makes me happy to know that it's so easy to do and once I've reached my goal I can get a wardrobe that suits me. Life is beautiful but the strife isn't. I've lacked the sort of energy I use to have as a 10 year old. I'd spend days on end making sculptures not letting the sun or moon defer me from my dreams that came to life within hours. As years went by I learned the anatomy of animals and humans loving every detail that shone through. I'd watch the people walking by studying which muscle stuck out and which should be. This was similar to how when I was really little watching animal documentaries all day long, never truly paying attention to the facts just the movement and ways of the beast. I thought it was odd but it's become a necessity to my path of sculpting. Although now I've become a perfectionist and letting the idea and obsession take over instead of overall fun of it all. I'm going to let myself go, like the artists at SOFA who to me express the meaning of letting your self go, even if it isn't true I like to pretend it is. An artist I think comes to realize that the path they always take is the one that needs to be challenged and changed if it causes such strife, as it's beginning to do to me.  Hope this ends it's been a year and all I can do is start. stop start. stop. start. the end won't come fast enough but I'm itching to sculpt a dogs paw it's intriguing to see the paw bare with muscle to show off. It's...I can't describe it but I want to do it so bad.
Maybe it's the thinness or the uncanny bones. this brings me bliss in the most unreal way. odd, huh?

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