Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fun in Pool

Photos Taken by Sister

Shirt: American Apparel fringe top(doesn't appear they have it on website 0.o)
Rings belong to Nana and a Aunt

Faced with no one home, a cloudy day and the boredom of a saturday brought on a photo session with my sister and I. I'm actually happy with the shots she took of me. Losing 8 pounds certainly makes you not seem as fat :P


  1. love these! The mustard shorts are from Opening Ceremony.

  2. aww looks like fun! i want to do a shoot in the pool!

  3. Thank you! Krislyn it certainly is worth doing ;)

    Thank you! Eeck opening ceremony! can't afford that...Oh well.

  4. wow these are actually really beautiful!
    the lighting is so pretty!