Tuesday, January 26, 2010

your sculpture, your silhouette

I wish there was a reason for this title...
I've been thinking lately about fashion, and clothes. Then I wondered quickly wouldn't it be an interesting thing to sculpt a designers piece on some human that I'll make or better yet my own ideas! of course if I tried to sew, i'd be ridiculed within seconds!  Maybe that lovely green dress Lanvin made for Spring '10? or...ahah that's the only one I can't stop thinking about that damn dress! Although for some reason after not seeing it since september? I've sort of mixed it up. The dress has become a new vision in my head, more draping that wraps down the end but starts at the shoulder...I might be on to something!
I'll keep yo-well I'll just sort of update for myself! :P

After looking at Lanvin collection again, I realized why I appreciated it. The curves that share a home to shadows. The texture that breeds in the jewelry is probably to die for! Also the way he showcased his things from simple to the most extravagant that must have left people wanting more!

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