Sunday, September 13, 2009

Love is in that work

I had a fairly nice day, i meant to go to a party but instead I just couldn't bring myself to do it, but I regret it now. Since i didn't go my sister and I sat in the craft area, she painted, I sculpted away. We listened to music, practically blasting it. It was getting late,

"We should have dinner now" I said...hour went by...."Alright let's go eat now." I could have sat and sculpted away but those damned hunger pains get to me before boredom does. (most unfortunate these daily needs are, always ruining the moments) That moment was great, I haven't sat down and really sculpted since many months ago! I've been so distraught and unwilling to sit, I couldn't really bring myself to finish anything at all. so hopefully I'll get something done. I swear I think I almost forgot how much I loved sculpting for HOURS on end.

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